There are lots of instances and incidences that happened continuously and most of those incidences revealed about His competency. He could change the life of man very easily. When some people came to Him – so lovable – they forgot the reason why they had come there; with His attention He finished the very root cause of their problem.

This is some rare phenomenon for which they (Masters) come into the world, not only to create the confidence in us, but to take us back with that very confidence. You know, miraculous things (happened), these however are incidences (not miracles); there is a great difference between miracles and incidences. Masters don't play miracles, but they do something which is in accordance with nature. Where there is demand, there He supplies.

His compassion, grace and competency help the disciple to have His constant remembrance, the very elementary step to reach the destination, helping the aspirant for taking up the path of truth as well. He blessed His children with the practical experience to the greatest heights, and those who could know Him by His grace always shun from artificiality and fabrication. He made us realize the very essence of our life.

Harbhajan Singh

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