This ­event hap­pened on 31 De­cem­ber, 1948 at the Dassna Canal situated on the Hapur Road, near Delhi

Sant Kirpal Singh had not yet started to give initiation. It was the time when – after His Holiness Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj – His saintly glory began to spread on the whole world and He became the Father of Spirituality. When His Holiness Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj left His human body and all the responsibility of spirituality was entrusted to Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj, being very sad and miserable about the demise of His Guru, Maharaj Kirpal Singh Ji made up His mind to stay at Rishikesh. But when He was reminded again and again internally of His spiritual duties by Hazur, He left Rishikesh and came to Delhi. He collected the scattered Satsangis and started spiritual discourses from place to place. When it was felt that there was not enough space to hold the Satsang, the Satsangis made a request that a building for Satsang should be constructed somewhere. So a search began for a suitable site. Whenever and wherever there was information about the availability of land, efforts were made to assess its suitability etc. and for this purpose He would Himself go with some companions.

Once while surveying the land around Delhi with some companions He reached the Dassna Canal situated on the Hapur Road. Having seen the area around Dassna the party reached the bank of the canal which flows there. This canal is very wide and deep. With the power of the water of this canal, which falls like a waterfall, even electricity is generated. A huge waterfall had been built.

All were going along the bank enjoying the sight. They would also stop somewhere. At one place Maharaj Sant Kirpal Singh Ji was walking ahead of others along the bank of the canal, when His foot slipped. It was a very high place and He fell into the water. The waterfall was flowing forcefully and the water was flowing  very fast. The flow was frightening. It appeared as if someone was churning the water of the canal violently like milk out of which one makes butter. To fall at such a place and to hope for coming out safe was a mere dream. Moreover it was winter. It was the month of December. The water was icy-cold. If one put one’s hand into the water it would become numb.
There were some other brothers with Maharaj Ji standing at some distance. They were stunned to see that Maharaj Ji had fallen into the water.

The flow of the water was so rapid, that none but God could save one. The passers-by going around hither and thither were called and offered money so that someone would jump into the water and save Maharaj Ji. But none could master enough courage to take the plunge. They said, "Here even the bones of the animals (that fall into the river) cannot be traced. You say that a man has fallen in. How can he be saved?" Saying this some of them turned and went their way. Others walked slowly behind to watch.
It gave a sort of assurance that it would be possible to bring Him out when and where the speed of the water lessened. All started walking still faster and kept gazing at the water of the river. After 55 minutes they saw that the body of the Maharaj was floating on the surface of the water far away. On seeing this, even the remaining hopes were dashed to ground. They had heard that the body floats on the water when it is lifeless. At length, however, after travelling a long distance, they found that the Maharaj had Himself come out and was sitting on the bank.

After reaching home, when all were sitting contented, Maharaj Ji was asked, "Why did this happen?" – "How did it happen and what did You undergo?" Master answered, "When my foot slipped and I fell below into the canal, there was dazzling Light under the water. The sun was shining and Hazur was before me. Hazur was saying that death had left no stone unturned." Then Master said, "Having fallen into the river I thought that if that was the will of Hazur, what my efforts would do then?

I discontinued controlling my body and let it go where it would. Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji and Baba Jaimal Singh Ji had appeared within to guard me. That is why there was a happy ending. Wandering hither and thither I reached the bank and there, taking hold of the grass, I sat on the bank. And then seeing this all people arrived."

Afterwards Maharaj said, "It was written in the horoscope of my son that during that year his father would breathe his last. So that thing happened exactly on that occasion. That day Hazur Sat Guru has saved me and blessed me with new life so that the task of spirituality that He had entrusted to me could be performed." Hazur said that the new life that has been given to Him is meant to bring into contact with God the spirits that are suffering and hanging in suspense, and to look after the disciples of Hazur. The portion of the life that belonged to the family has ended.

Babu Raj Narian


The day Hazur Sat Guru has saved me and blessed me with new life so that the task of spirituality that He had entrusted to me could be performed.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh, 1949

So history usually shows that, when Masters leave, two things start. The one who is given Mastership (and he never gives it to His own children; maybe in rare cases if anybody is fit) leaves the place. Guru Nanak had to sons; both started mastership at home, but He gave it to Guru Angad who left that place and went to some other place. Guru Angad had so many children. He gave it to Amar Das among us, you see, and the children started their mastership at home. In all other cases this happens similarly. So Master told me, "All right, you go. Wherever you go, your Master is with you and the people will come up. Where there's honey, all bees will come up." This is but natural.

Sant Kirpal Singh

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