Either the disciple meets the Master or the Master meets the disciple. Master is that Power which gives His glimpse on the very first sight. He will definitely give you something. His contact is so gracious. He reminds us of our Home and our purpose of human life or He tries to remove some problems which hinder the way. He softens the way, He knows how to bring this child back again to the lap of his Father. He knows each and everything. The time factor is there; this time factor depends on our delayed growth. We are grown up from outside, but we are not grown up from within, that is why we are sometimes delayed.

Dr. Harbhajan Singh tells about his search: "God Himself took pity on me. He made my contact with the gracious Master, the giver of happiness. I could meet the Master after a long search of 25 years. Though He even used to come to my city, so close to me, I never knew that He was the Master. I always prayed for Him, He should come to me or I should come in contact with Him. When I was a boy of 16 years, He appeared to me the very day when a very big problem came into my life, and that turned my angle of vision."

Before Initiation

When I was child, You came in my dream, looking at star and moon, I witnessed Thee in serene.
I never thought am I dreaded or alone, though annoyed with the red1 and the green.2

Always liked the white3 and yellow,4 know, both live beyond death and gallow.
You knew white can come in white and hide,5 You took the yellow for my guide.

Started to think for Thee, You dwelt into white and white.
When saw, I fell on knee,6 You disappeared slowly out of sight.

This way You blessed me yearning and learning, I was illiterate, never knew how to pen.
But I knew that You blessed me for serving, now know not much, where happened and when.

Throughout my life took I You as my Father,7 I respected him8 much, but never bow and bother.
Wanted me to divert, which never I could, through Your Grace, You know, never I would.

She9 loved me very much, I loved her because of You, You knew the reason and You blessed her, too.
When good mother wishes in the sky, mother’s love for child, who can deny?
Such mother is blessed before the son;10 father, son, happy, and concerns to none.

1 Colour of gods and goddesses
2 Colour of negative power
3 Colour of the Saints
4 Colour of the Saints
If one colour mixes with the same colour, you can no more differentiate. Then with Golden Light the disciple proceeds further. Golden Light within is a special Grace of the Master when Master also appears in Golden Light.
6 Surrendered 
7 Master
8 Physical father
9 My mother
10 This relates to an experience of the author with his mother

With Kal

A time came when I met the disturbed life. I felt awful, unrest, and still did not show,
It meant, observed, I have to be more nice. I felt, with Master I have taken a vow.

It was only with Kal and me, I could withstand and wanted help of Thee,
Kal appeared with different harp every day, his sword of strength got sharp every day.

Blessed is the place, You met me there, now I bow down, You met me, where.
Appeared You there in the physical form, never knew that You had such a charm.

Next night, he attacked me in a bigger way, he never knew that I got the power other day.
I caught him of his hairy and bony hand, he started crying and could not withstand.

I kept him holding whole the night, he kept on begging for his astral flight.
At last I bowed down before You and asked for Your opinion,
I told him, "My Master can forgive, if you accept our union."

He accepted and said, "Even my children will never come."
He looked below, felt shame and shun. God's work no power can still,
He, who knows, surrenders to His will.

Thereafter knew I that lion1 also needs a den,2 started I searching Thee there and then.
Went I to lot, but could not see and bow, overnight You helped me the reason to know.

As knew I the great difference of day and night, this is what I observed with single sight.
No one could withstand in my eyes, dared they not to tell the Truth because of lies.

At once I left them and came back home, still never I thought am I alone.
Twelve years passed, but my yearning stood fast, said I, here He is not, He manifests wide and vast.

1 Masterpower
2 Physical body

Meeting Him Again

One day I got afraid of the thief, I could not do other than cry of the belief.
Went out of the room I for fresh air, bolted I, went in fresh and fair.

Soon I saw the light in my room, who put light on, put me in gloom?
Soon I saw the bolt unbolting itself, to my surprise, I felt unholding myself.

Soon I saw the one who came to me before, to whom ever I respect and adore.
My joy knew no bound, attention fixed and forgot all around.

This day I knew He can materialize and manifest, through which keeps He the belief of child, in fact.
One time, out of separation, said I, 'There is no God.' Holding my arm He said, 'Where is no Lord?'

Let this night be as long as million years, so may not suffer with separation, yearning, and fears.
Never I would withstand in His eye, attention moved down as water on plastic dye.

Me asked He to look upward, I did so, seeing into Gracious eyes, I bid so.
Within a moment He took me to my ailing wife, holding her hand He told, 'She is life of my life.'

'I have given you a very good companion, she will work as my champion.'
Said He, 'I owe to do a lot for her, still have not done a dot for her.'

He gave me His stay and way, I thought to be there the very next day.
Soon looked He at me and knew my wish: 'God comes Himself' – as ocean1 lives in fish.2

My yearning to meet Him grew more and more, six months passed like thousand years.
His order bound me more and sure, though I heard His competency with open ears.

His Excellency passed by, I never knew, knew I, then asked for me His view.
This gentleman surprised me very much, when heard I that you be there as such.
Physically never He knew me and never I did, thought reflected in me and could I bid.
In His appearance I even could know His name, sitting among thousands I saw Him same.

How can I forget such a Master? I felt, I owe much to such a Master.
He sweetly told to come near to Him, I obeyed and thought, who can be dear to Him?

I saw in His eyes the surging waves of love, making Satsang He kept seeing and I felt above.
My eyes were full of tears flowing, competency of Kabir kept the heart glowing.
Satsang finished I saw eye to eye again, pledged I before Him, for Him I never die again.

Looking in my eyes, He said, 'I saw you anywhere'’, looking into His eyes, bowed I, 'You manifest everywhere.'
Thereafter realized I, there is no tongue and no thought, wondered I over His Grace as how am I caught.

I requested Him to bless me for initiation. He told me, 'Why you stress me for initiation,
Did I not initiate you alone? My house is a temple and your Father's home.'

He promised to initiate physically and He did. I went on seeing Him but could not close the lid.
I was the only one who could not satisfy, the reason was that for Him I did never justify.

Started I cursing my fate and luck, for me His single glance could do much above much.
He learnt me what nobody could learn, He helped me to turn, turn and return.

After six months He initiated my wife, knew I, He told that 'She is life of my life.'
While above body-consciousness she saw Nanak and Kabir,
Master holding the bucket releasing the rope on a well.
Bucket, rope, both rusty. She looked far and near. 'Your Guru-Bhakti3 and Guru-Seva4 pending, for They5 dwell.'

1 God
2 Soul
3 Self-surrandrance
4 Selfless service
5 Guru Nanak and Kabir


My Master

My religion is Kirpal, my caste is Kirpal,
My Master is Kirpal, the Master of all.
To whom I bowed forever,
Love and respect I showed forever.
Since He blessed me with a single glance,
In the sanctuary of heart He ever romance. His way of love never could I mention,
Better not, because mere it brings me tension. Let the water pass and pass without sounds, Disturbed water resounds and resounds.
The way of love is neither sung nor spoken, For me His fear and respect a sign of token.
I owe, will I never do so,
Ask others only to beg and bow.
See Him I and keeps He me beside,
Ever He live and ever reside.

Harbhajan Singh

O dear soul, awake, why sleep now?
It is time to awake! See the sun has arisen
The dark night has passed determine your life and come back. Nothing belongs to you within this world. Start for there from where You came.
Pick up all and live there. Your house where you have to live forever is very strong.


Sant Kirpal Singh

How I became close with You, only You know Yourself. This time I need Your protection and grace, since You appear with favour.

Harbhajan Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh
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Sant Kirpal Singh

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