At the time of Sant Kirpal Singh His competency was shown in many ways. People said, "It was a miracle", but Master said, "No, it is according to the natural law." So this is no miracle, it is in accordance with the laws of nature.

Life and death are in His hand

There was one village where Master played many things. There was one man who had been suffering from a heart-disease for twenty-five years. He was neither able to leave the body nor was he really alive, such a condition he had. But he was a very noble person, very pious – maybe due to this trouble, as he was very cut off from the world. I used to treat him and sometimes I brought him medicine. He was a very good man and I had great sympathy with him. Once I went to the Master. Usually I did not take parshad. People used to bring sweets to get them converted into parshad by the attention of the Master and took them back to their homes. Master mostly objected, "No, parshad is not needed; parshad is already given – initiation is parshad, it is the biggest parshad."

People insisted again and again, so Master used to put some attention on it and said, "Okay, go, but take only a little and put in some more time for meditation; this will work, otherwise it is merely a sweet."

We never wanted parshad from Him, but this time I was taking three packets of sweets to the Master. Master said, "Why not one, why three packets?" I said, "Master, one is for me and my wife, one is for the old disciples, and this third packet is for a new one." Master put His attention on these three packets, and gave them to me.

When I arrived at home, the daughter of this man came to call me there; his condition had deteriorated and he wanted some medicine. When I went there, I took some parshad with me. It was for the new one. I gave it to him, "Take it and you will remember at least what has been given to you." So he took the parshad. He did not know from where it was – it was a sweet and he just took the sweet. But at night-time Master appeared to him. Then, early in the morning, he sent a message to our home, "Bhaji and Bhainji should both come to my house." So I went there with my wife. We took a calendar photo of the Master with us. It was rolled and first we did not give it to him, but held it in our hands. He asked, "Have you any photo of your Master?" We showed it to him. He said, "It should be just in front of my bed." So we put it before his bed. Now all the time he was looking at the picture of the Master.

I went there every day. As his condition was not good, many persons used to visit him and whenever I came, a lot of people were sitting there, talking on different matters. I myself was also not free; there were many patients in my hospital, and whenever I went there, I came back without having told him anything. Maybe on the tenth or eleventh day, his sister came from a far away district to see him. When she arrived and was standing before his bed, he asked her, "Please, clean the way and go to this side." She said "Why?" He answered, "My Master has come." Then he was very happy and asked his wife to come. Pointing to the photo, he said, "I am going back with Him, and your duty is to go to Him also." So he left his body.

I went to Master. He was distributing parshad. While everyone wanted parshad, I was standing behind. I was having something in my mind – like a thief I was feeling there. But when it was my turn, I asked Master to give me parshad. Master said, "No, I will not give you the parshad. You please, sit with me here, I have to talk with you." So I was sitting down and all others went away. Master said, "Come near to me." Then He said, "This man has left his body."

Master did not know it physically, He knew it from within that it had happened like this. Master continued, "You gave the parshad to this man, but what did you give from yourself, tell me?" I replied, "Master, I don't have anything what I could give from myself. A disciple is a mere disciple – whatever can he give? He has to get everything from his Master. We have rather good wishes for him, otherwise every blessing is from You. I really cannot give anything." Master said, "Think it over again. You could have given him something." I started to weep. Master said, "Don't weep. Why do you weep? At least I have given you some right understanding. He has left the body, but he never knew where to go. At last, he who has given the parshad, has to take care for him, but what have you given from your own side?" I said, "Master, yes, this is my biggest fault", and I started to weep.

Master gave me very much love. He said, "Okay, from now onwards you give the theory and I will give the parshad. I give you one promise: you only tell the theoretical aspect of life, and it will be practically done within."

Harbhajan Singh


Smell of roses and jasmine

Once we could get to know a very big secret in His set-up. It is written everywhere that Master has His own smell, a beautiful smell, just like roses and jasmine. When you have this vibration direct from within, you will sometimes feel that this smell of the Master is within. Master is within and this perfume is also within. This purifies the soul; it develops the soul. That comes only through His Grace, whenever He wishes.

What does He do? He materializes and manifests within and also stands outside. In both ways one is very close to the Master and by this phenomenon one gets a lot of radiation from the Masterpower.

While doing His Mission we could know that Master was very close to us though we could not see Him with our eyes. Right in the beginning it was like this. One time we had to attend a marriage. We decided to go there, because Delhi was in the way and we could see the Master there. But on the way we came to know that He had already gone to Dehra Dun for ten days. But we could get a strong vibration and radiation and the smell of roses and jasmine. We became very sad, but we said, "Well, most of the distance we have already covered, we will nevertheless go to Delhi. We shall at least go there and bow down our head, although the Master is not there."

To our surprise, when we reached the Ashram in Delhi, Master was standing on the roof of the house. Master said, "Well, come up on the roof." I asked Him, "Master, on the way we got to know that You are not here?" Then one man from Delhi asked the same question, "Master, You had already gone to Dehra Dun and You should come back after ten days, but You came back today. What is the reason for it?" Master, looking at us, said, "I do not know whose love took me back." Then Master discussed some very important matter with us.

This was a time when we could know many things out of His vibration, and while sitting together He told us lots of things. So this time we told Master, "Master, while we were on the way we felt a very good smell, a very good perfume like that of roses." Master said, "Not only the disciple smells it, but Master also smells it from the disciple." When the disciple starts to see the Master with love and receptivity, then this smell also reaches the Masterpower. This is something very unique in the world.

Harbhajan Singh


Master's greatness

When we came back to Delhi after that marriage, Master told us that He was going to Chandigarh, which was on the way back to Amritsar. So we came along with Master. While passing through the city Master stopped His car in the market. I at once went to Him and asked whether He needed anything. Master said, "Yes." I asked, "Master, what?" He said, "I want you!"

It is a lesson! We are in this worldly market where we are amiss, very adversely. Master only wants to take His child out of the market. Man comes into this world with a promise from God (to be taken home by Him), but man has also given the promise to God that in this birth he will return home to the Father. But it is man who again and again does not fulfil this promise. God, our Father, the Masterpower, by His Grace gives us this promise again and again. He has never left us.

On this journey we paid a visit to one brother whose name was Sadhu Singh. He did everything exactly as Master wished. He was happy all the time, because He had no problem. He was very receptive; if he spoke a word it inspired others like anything. He was a wonderful person and did everything for Master throughout his life. When his time came to leave the body he said, "Master, I will not go!" Master said, "No, your work in the world is finished. You can go, the doors are open for you. You can reach your home." He said, "Master, no, there is much work. I do not find good persons to help you. No, I want to work for you!" Master said, "No, you are getting old now, better you go."

When you get initiation and you become conscious, it is a beautiful thing. The talk between the Master and the disciple becomes a heart-to-heart talk. Everything is possible, there is nothing that is impossible.

Sadhu Singh was not happy to leave. So the same night Master took him above the body-consciousness and showed him the place where he had to go. He became so conscious that he forgot everything about the matter, everything about the world. Next day we asked him what was his opinion. He said, "No, I have to go! I have a beautiful place there. I never could really know the Master throughout my life."

Now he had realized Master's greatness. He was a conscious man, I tell you. Even when he got the super-consciousness in him and was taken there, he was surprised that such a good place was possible for him. Then he always said, "Master, I want to go!" Master asked, "When do you want to go? Tell me, I'll take you on the same date." Master also asked, "Do you want to leave the body here in the Ashram or do you want to leave your body in your home?" He said, "I want to go to my village, I want to tell everybody that I am going on such and such date, at such and such a time." It was miraculous – I don't say that he 'died'; no, he even took each and every penny from his pocket and said, "This belongs to the Master, please. I am going alone. I have nothing, no attachment in the world. I am for the Master as Master is for me. I am going where Master is taking me." He left the body so happily.

When Master wanted to tell something about Sadhu Singh's physical departure, His eyes were full of tears. Master said, "I have lost one of my companions in the world." And again He said, "He is not lost; he is gained forever." Why? Because Master has started to take work from him inside; much more than when he had worked physically.

Harbhajan Singh


Farewell to Mataji

When Master's own wife was sick, it was 2 April, 1970, Baba Sawan Singh gave the time within that He would take her on the second. The Sangat from all parts of India started to pour in to celebrate the death anniversary of Baba Sawan Singh. I was then there and heard that Master said, "Today it is the death anniversary of my Master, I will not let her go." When I heard it, I did not know what it meant. On the third Master told me, "You can come along." Taiji took me inside the house, "See how she is feeling." I said, "Taiji, she is feeling very good, it is no problem with her." – "You are a doctor, you should see what problem she has." But there was no sign of any weakness, everything was okay.

Then Master gave the time at eleven. There were still many people, and Master said: "There will be no initiation. Everyone should go back to his home." So Master gave the time, I think it was one o'clock. Master went inside. It was His Grace that He took me also with Him and I saw the whole scene.

Master went to His ailing wife, she was very old. Master said, "The way is open for you. You can go, you can stay." She said, "No, Master, my time to go was yesterday, but You didn't allow. I must go today." Master said, "If you are to go, you should feel happy! Why are you sad?" But she would not smile. Master said, "Look at me!" And she looked at Master. Master said, "Say ‘Sat Naam'." She only spoke it one time, then she smiled and left the body. And there were tears in Master's eyes, and Master came back. All funeral arrangements had already been made beforehand, but nobody knew for whom.

Harbhajan Singh
Harbhajan Singh – "His gracious and helping hand overstays the whole world."
Sant Kirpal Singh
Harbhajan Singh – "Master is not the physical body, He is the word-personified form."
Sant Kirpal Singh, 1969

How can I praise my brothers and sisters who live and die for Him? I surrender to my Master: Bless all who serve Thee!

Harbhajan Singh

Sawan Ashram Delhi, 3 April, 1970

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