Third Conference Of World Religions
16 – 28 February, 1965, Delhi

Extract from the presidential address given by Sant Kirpal Singh on 26 February, 1965 at the Third Conference of World Religions in New Delhi.

All of our religions are after all an expression of the inner urge felt by man from tune to time to find a way out of the discord without into the halcyon calm of the soul within. The light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not. But we are so constituted by nature that we feel restless until we find a rest in the causeless cause.

If we live up to our scriptures and realize the light and life of God within us, then surely, as day follows the night, love would reign supreme in the universe and we will see nothing but the unseen hand of God working everywhere.

We must sit together as members of the one great Family of Man so that we may understand each other. We are, above everything else, one – from the level of God as our Father, from the level of man as His children, and from the level of worshippers of the same Truth or Power of God called by so many names.

In this august assembly of spiritually awakened, we can learn the great Truth of Oneness of Life vibrating in the universe. If we do this, then surely this world with so many forms and colours will appear a veritable handiwork of God and we shall verify and perceive the same life-impulse enlivening all of us.

As His own dear children embedded in Him, like so many roses in His rose bed, let us join together in sweet remembrance of God and pray to Him for the well-being of the world in this hour of imminent danger of annihilation that stares us in the face.

May God, in His infinite mercy, save us all, whether we deserve it or not.



Diamond Jubilee, 6 – 7 February, 1969

On 6 February, 1969, Sant Kirpal Singh's seventy-fifth birthday was celebrated in Delhi. A Citizens Committee under the chairmanship of Delhi's Mayor, Mr. Hansraj Gupta, organized an elaborate three-day programme of Diamond Jubilee celebrations, beginning with a congregation at a specially erected Pandal near Sawan Ashram, headquarter of Ruhani Satsang, and ending with a unique function on 7 February, at New Delhi's vast Vigyan Bhavan.

Presenting the Abhinandan Patra (Welcome Address) Kaka Sahib Kalelkar, a noted Gandhian philosopher, on behalf of different religions and societies, said,
"We are all gathered here today to perform a very important task, that is, to pay our tribute to a living Saint for the gift of Light He has given and is giving to the world. As a follower of Gandhiji and one who like Him, had equal respect for the teachings of all the great religions, I have been chosen to present the Abhinandan Patra to Santji on behalf of all religions. Sant Kirpal Singh has been doing the great work of bringing followers of different religions together most effectively and with untiring zeal. I pay my tribute to Him on behalf of Gandhiji, on behalf of the heart of India and on behalf of all present here and pray for His long life."

Replying to the Welcome Address, Sant Kirpal Singh said, "The Abhinandan Patra was a homage to Truth, which is in all of us and Truth is one. Saints and seers who came from time to time realised that Truth and gave a practical experience of it to those who came to them. They came in all countries, in all societies and gave out the same Truth in the language and idiom of the countries where they came.

From childhood on I was intrigued by the mystery of life. I searched in books and finished three whole libraries one after another. My extensive study let me to believe that there was some controlling power behind the entire creation. After finishing my studies when I entered life I had to decide what was to be my aim in life. I took eight to ten days carefully deliberating the questions from all possible angles and finally decided that my aim in life was 'God first and world next'.

My whole life became one long search for Truth. And then, through divine grace I met my Master, Hazur Baba Sawan Singh, at Beas. He gave me a practical demonstration of Reality. In the very first sitting, he brought me above body-consciousness and gave me a first-hand experience of Reality. The mystery of life which could not be solved by studying three libraries was solved in a moment. From Him I got right understanding. And what was that right understanding? First, that all mankind is one. And man is the highest in creation for he is endowed with the sense of discrimination and can discriminate between the real and the unreal which other creatures lacked. The highest purpose of man was to realise the self, the indweller of the man body and to know the Overself which was the basic teaching of all religions. We have to rise above body consciousness to get first-hand experience of that Power. It is a practical science which can be learnt at the feet of a competent Master.

We are all children of the same Father – God and as such are all brothers to each other. Unity is already there but we have forgotten it. I thank you for all the Abhinandan Patra that you have presented me with all your love … . I have the same love for you all. This Abhinandan Patra is not for me but for the Truth which is in all of you. The credit goes to God or my Satguru, Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, at whose feet I had the good fortune to sit. With these words I thank you all. Be good, do good and be one with God, with all humanity, first in your country and then in this world." (Excerpt)



Ancient and modern sages asked, "What is that, the knowledge of which makes everything else known?" and in the same breath replied, "Knowledge of the higher self – the true man." So the supreme knowledge is that which deals, both in theory and practice, with man's true nature and his relation to God. A Master (also called Sant Satguru), has complete mastery of both the theory and practice, and is competent to impart both knowledge and experience to all sincere seekers after truth, without any distinction whatsoever of colour, caste or creed.

Sant Kirpal Singh

By lectures, books, and conferences, but first and foremost by His own example Sant Kirpal Singh brought about a deep understanding of the inner unity of all life, and people from all over the world, from different religions and cultures came to His residence in Delhi. Between the years 1959 till 1970 Sant Kirpal Singh wrote 11 books: "Jap Ji: The Message of Guru Nanak", "Prayer: Its Nature and Technique", "Spirituality: What it is", "Naam or Word", "A Great Saint – Baba Jaimal Singh: His Life and Teachings", "The Crown of Life: A Study in Yoga", "The Wheel of Life", "Godman", "Spiritual Elixir", "Mystery of Death", "Morning Talks" and "The Night is a Jungle".

In January 1968, the monthly magazine Sat Sandesh began publication in English and Punjabi.



Sant Kirpal Singh received many invitations from religious, political and civic leaders to visit cities and towns throughout India. Prime Minister Nehru invited Sant Kirpal Singh to confer with him on the Second World Tour.

Sant Kirpal Singh visited the Kurukshetra Unitversity in 1970 by a special invitation, being guest of honour of the Vice-Chancellor. Sant Kirpal Singh gave a series of three well-attended talks in the university auditorium.

On 14 March, 1972, Dr. Giri visited Sant Kirpal Singh. There was the usual practice of tasting by the chief security officer before the drink was offered to the President. When the tray was placed before the principals on the dais, Sant Kirpal Singh handed one glass of juice to Dr. Giri. The officials excitedly exclaimed that the glass Sant Kirpal Singh had given was the wrong one – the untasted one – but Dr. Giri declared that as Sant Kirpal Singh had given it with His own hands, then he was going to accept and drink it.


Sant Kirpal Singh with Jawaharlal NehruSant Kirpal Singh with the President of India, Dr V.V. Giri

Sant Kirpal Singh gab ein Beispiel, indem Er praktizierte was Er lehrte. Er inspirierte Tausende überall in der Welt den Weg der Rechtschaffenheit und Spiritualität zu gehen.

Minister der Union, Jaganath Rao

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