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6 February, Kirpal Singh born in Sayyad Kasran, district Rawalpindi; His father’s name was S. Hukam Singh, His mother was named Gulab Devi

Graduated from Edwards Church Mission High School, Peshawar; Marriage to Krishna Wanti 

Decided “God first and the world next”; Joined the Military Engineering Service, and then the Military Accounts Department in Lahore

In His meditations, He began seeing His future Master, Hazur Baba Sawan Singh, taking Him to be Guru Nanak

Formed a social service corps for the care of the victims of an influenza epidemic and to bury those who died from the disease

Birth of His eldest son 


February, met Hazur Baba Sawan Singh at Beas and was initiated into the path of the Masters

Had a vision of Hazur’s passing exactly as it would occur 21 years laterBirth of His younger son

Began publishing Gurmat Sidhant in the name of His Master

In the presence of Baba Sawan Singh, He initiated over 200 people at Dehra Baba Jaimal Singh as ordered by His Master

5 September, death of His elder brother, Jodh Singh

22 July, death of His eldest brother, Prem Singh

March, retired after 36 years of meritorious service as Deputy Assistant Controller of Military Accounts;
12 October, Hazur told Kirpal Singh that He would have the task of Naam initiation after Him; Hazur approved the plans for Ruhani Satsang submitted by Kirpal Singh


28 March, last Satsang held by Kirpal Singh in the Dehra during the lifetime of Hazur
1 April, last meeting with His Master; Hazur transferred his spiritual wealth to Kirpal Singh through the eyes
2 April, Hazur Baba Sawan Singh left the earth plane
6 April, Sant Kirpal Singh left Dehra Baba Jaimal Singh in Beas for Delhi; After a brief stay, He proceeded to Rishikesh where He spent five months in retreat and met many holy men in the area
2 December, started His Mission and began giving regular initiations in Delhi

Ruhani Satsang established along the guidelines given to Kirpal Singh by Baba Sawan Singh

11 June, Sawan Ashram dedicated at Shakti Nagar, Delhi

December, the magazine Sat Sandesh began publication in Urdu and Hindi

31 May, left Delhi for His First World Tour5 November, returned to Delhi after completing His First World Tour

First Conference of World Religions, held at Ramlila Grounds, Delhi; Sant Kirpal Singh was unanimously elected president of the World Fellowship of Religions (WFR)

First tour of Pakistan

Publications of the following books, written by Sant Kirpal Singh
"Jap Ji: The Message of Guru Nanak"
This is an English translation of the beautiful poem by Guru Nanak which forms the opening of the Guru Granth Sahib. The introduction and the commentary on the text illuminate the mystic meanings in the poem.

"Prayer: Its Nature and Technique"
This book discusses all forms, aspects and techniques of prayer. It is interspersed with quotes from scriptures of all religions.

"Spirituality: What It Is"
An introduction to the subject, written for the benefit of the growing number of seekers to enable them to discriminate between true spirituality and the numerous techniques and practices leading to occult powers. 


Second Conference of World Religions, held in Calcutta; Sant Kirpal Singh was again unanimously elected president of the WFRPublications of the following books, written by Sant Kirpal Singh:

"Naam or Word"
This book deals with the Sound Current or Word – the basis of Sant Mat. The author quotes from various religions and shows that the Light and Sound Principles, which are primary manifestations of God, provide the most natural way back to Him.

"A Great Saint - Baba Jaimal Singh: His Life and Teachings"
This book provides a moving account of the life and teachings of the great Saint who initiated Baba Sawan Singh.


Publication of the book
"The Crown of Life: A Study in Yoga"
This book presents a comprehensive study of the major systems of yoga, and contains a chapter on Surat Shabd Yoga. It is a pioneering work on comparative yoga. 

Sant Kirpal Singh as first non-Christian was honoured with the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta 


8 June, left Delhi for Second World Tour

31 January, returned to Delhi after completing His Second World Tour

Third Conference of World Religions, held at Ramlila Grounds, Delhi; Sant Kirpal Singh reelected as president of the WFRPublication of the book

"The Wheel of Life"
This book explains in detail the theory of karma – action and reaction – and the way to escape from the endless cycle of transmigration.  


Publications of the following books:

This book explains step by step who a Master is, what He does, the many grades of Mastership, and how one can find and recognize a perfect Master.

"Spiritual Elixir"
This is a collection of excerpts from Sant Kirpal Singh’s letters to His disciples in which He answers questions on spirituality. Also included are messages He periodically issued to the Satsang centers around the world. 

January, the monthly magazine Sat Sandesh began publication in English and PunjabiApril, Ardh Kumbha Mela, held at Hardwar; The Master set up a camp and gave SatsangPublication of the book,

"The Mystery of Death"
This is a study which explains what death is and how its mystery can be solved. Descriptions of what happens to the soul after death are given.

February, Diamond Jubilee Celebration; Master was felicitated by prominent social and religious leaders, as well as devotees

6 February, Inauguration of Manav Kendra, Dehra DunFourth Conference of World Religions under Sant Kirpal Singh’s presidentship, held at Ramlila Grounds, Delhi
3 April, Sant Kirpal Singh’s wife Mataji passed awayPublication of the book,
"Morning Talks"This collection, transcribed from tape-recorded talks, gives practical guidance on the way to eliminate vices and replace them with ennobling virtues.

29 June, underwent a successful operation in a private nursing home in Delhi


14 March, President V.V. Giri of India visited Manav Kendra6 August, left Delhi for His Third World Tour

2 January, returned to Delhi after completing Third World Tour
7 February, Sant Kirpal Singh presented with the Abhinandan Patra at Vigyan Bhavan honouring Him on behalf of religious, social and political leaders of India
2 April, National Integration Day celebrated at Manav Kendra; the hospital, home for the aged, school and farm were completed
13 April, Vice-President of India, G.S. Pathak, visited Manav Kendra
14 April, Governor of U.P., Akbar Ali Khan, visited Manav KendraJune,
Kashmir tour
October, Punjab tour – laid the foundation stone of the eye clinic in Nag Kalan
24 October, commissioned the future Manav Kendra (Kirpal Sagar) at Nawanshar
December, Bombay tour

3-6 February, sponsored and presided over the Unity of Man Conference in Delhi
4 April, gives instruction for His further Mission to Dr. Harbhajan Singh at Dehra Dun
12 April, Kumbha Mela, Hardwar; formed the National Unity Conference; Presided over a meeting in which leaders of half a million sadhus sat together for the first time
26-27 July, Rashtriya Sant Samagam (National Convocation of Saints) organized by Sant Kirpal Singh in Delhi
29 July, gave His last initiation sitting to 1087 aspirants
1 August, addressed members of the Indian Parliament as first spiritual leader to be honoured with this invitation
15 August, last Satsang talk in Hindi (Indian Independence Day)
17 August, gave last English darshan talk at Sawan Ashram
20 August, admission in Willington Hospital, Delhi
21 August, Sant Kirpal Singh leaves His physical body

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