On His last Kashmir Tour in 1973 we again were with Master. He stayed in Phalgam, a place on the high mountains in the "Pine-View Hotel." We could not find any place near that hotel, whereas our intention was to be near to the Master.

We accepted a newly built hut which was still under completion and we felt happy that we were at least near to the Master.

The kitchen was incomplete and its floor was full of water. That day it was unbearably cold. Soon we saw Master coming towards the hut. Some disciples came along with Him. Master sat down on a chair and said, "I want tea." We felt happy and immediately my wife entered into the kitchen to prepare the tea. Nearly half an hour passed and the tea was not ready yet.

Master told me, "Go inside and see what the condition of your wife is, who is standing in the ice-cold water." She was absorbed in Simran and had forgotten that she was standing in the water.

We all took tea along with Master and felt like family members sitting together, everyone looking towards the head of the family. Master held a little Satsang there and stressed to make the best use of the time with the Master. Next day we all had to go to the Master for meditation.

Before the meditation I felt that Master wanted to give something to everybody, and when after the meditation Master asked about the experience, all had got an experience except one girl. Master asked her, "Did you also put in time last night?" She said that she had gone to a distant place and was very tired, so that she could not put in time. Master told her, "Do you think that I have come over here to enjoy a holiday? Wherever I go my purpose does not change. My thoughts are potent with my children, I must see development in their daily life."

Next day there was initiation. Master asked each one of us. That girl had a beautiful experience since she had repented her ignorance. Master asked my wife as how much time she put in for meditation. She was very happy and answered, "Yes Master, thirteen hours a day (above body-consciousness)." Master said, "I am not happy." She requested, "Master, then I should not pass my night like a dead person." Master told her, "It is possible, provided you don't explain the experience to others." She replied, "Master, definitely I will tell it. If the disciple does not tell about the competency of his Master, then who will tell?" Master was happy to hear that and gladly accepted, "No problem, my Master will bless you."

I had asked many questions and each time I asked Master, "I have another question." Master said, "You may put one hundred and one." Next day we were going with Master on a road along the river and stopped at a certain place. He asked all of us to move a little bit, if they wanted so. Master became very sad there and said, "That was the place which my Hazur once visited, and there were the same two crows which you see sitting on the same tree."

Harbhajan Singh


I remember one scene in Phalgam. Master was lying on the ground, in the grass, and from His gestures, from the way how He was moving His hand, we could feel that something special was happening. We asked Master what it meant. He answered, "To live without Him is very hard, the seperation from Him is very painful." Then He said that He would have somebody to bring the message to Him very quickly telling Him about the condition of our heart.

I pray to Master, "Master, we always want to live under Your roof, under Your tree. We are the passengers and You are the driver, we don't have any fear when Your are our driver."

Biji Surinder Kaur

Sant Kirpal Singh in Kashmir, July 1973
Sant Kirpal Singh in Kashmir, July 1973

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