It is said that it was a beautiful time when Sant Kirpal Singh came to the holy feet of His Master; it then started a special type of vibration, a special radiation everywhere.

There are lots of things which really nobody knows, because that matters only to the Master and His disciple. And there was only one, Sant Kirpal Singh who could tell about His Master. Whatever is in the heart of the disciple or what is in the heart of the Master, they only know, nobody knows outside.

There may have been one in thousand who was attuned to Him and He had to direct Him. So Baba Sawan Singh used to wait for Sant Kirpal Singh and always said, "Go on singing one more song, go on singing one more shabad." So He used to delay the Satsang off and on. Whenever Sant Kirpal Singh had gone to hold Satsang or He was sent for some other work and was a little bit late, the Satsang was also a little bit late. Not really late, but only shabads were sung. Master Sawan Singh always wanted the presence of Sant Kirpal Singh. As soon as Kirpal Singh arrived, Master Sawan Singh used to start with the Satsang. And what was the condition of our Master?  Kirpal Singh said, while seeing Hazur's turban from far away, He felt unable to come nearer, and so He used to sit behind all. He even felt no power in His body to go forward. He was so intoxicated and His whole body was so full of vibration that He made no endeavour to speak to anybody. He only said, "Let's sit down." Some people tried to sit with Him because they knew that by sitting along with Sant Kirpal Singh one could get something. And lots of experiences happened to those who used to sit with Him.

Harbhajan Singh

Urdu-Sawan Singh


"It is our turn to meet God"
Sawan Singh, 17 July, 1939


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