After a stay with Sant Kirpal Singh in Delhi one initiate, before leaving for Amritsar, asked Him if He had to convey anything to the Doctor and his wife. Master answered that He had already written to them. When the initiate asked Dr Harbhajan Singh if he had received the letter, he could understand the meaning of Master's word.


Sant Kirpal Singh was going to visit Srinagar, so in the evening of the appointed day of Sant Kirpal Singh's stopover at Pathankot, the Doctor and his wife along with their children arrived with bags and baggage at Pathankot as well. Sant Kirpal Singh asked them about their programme was. The Doctor said, "Master, we are going to Srinagar." Sant Kirpal Singh told them that He Himself was also proceeding to Srinagar the next day and that they were allowed to come along with Him.

We felt overjoyed since it was our first trip to Srinagar with Master. I forgot that never before I drove the car on the high mountains. Even I forgot to fill up the tank. I felt that we were driven by Him and we were in His lap.

When we reached a very high altitude, and I looked downwards, I felt fear and got nervous, but the same moment Master looked at me through the rear glass of His car. At once I felt as a very good driver. It was still 100 km to Srinagar and I did not remember that there had been only 15 litres of petrol in the tank while in Pathankot. When we reached the outskirts of Srinagar, I saw a petrol-pump at a distance of 100 metres. At that moment the car immediately stopped.
I narrated the incidence to Master and felt sorry for my ignorance. Master said, "Thank God, He has helped you."

Taiji had to reach Srinagar the next day in the evening. It was 7:00 p.m. when Master said, "Taiji has not come, it is too late, let us drive towards the way she has to come from."

We all reached the place where plenty of saffron is grown. Master asked my wife to sit in meditation to see why Taiji did not arrive. Master looked so beautiful then, and she said, "Master, I have to see and listen to You instead of sitting in meditation." Since  Master insisted, she sat in meditation, and within few minutes she cried loudly and then became silent. After about 15 minutes she came back and told that in the way a mountain slide had happened. She said, "I saw His Holiness turning away the slide, otherwise her car would have come under the debris." She further explained that Taiji had told her she would be two hours late and reach at 9:00 p.m.

Mr. Jaswant Singh with whom Master and we were lodging, was an initiate of Baba Sawan Singh. Baba Sawan Singh had blessed him on his marriage ceremony, a film of which still exists today. But this man was doubtful about the competency and successorship of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji.

When Jaswant Singh heard these words, he got emotional and perhaps thought that it was the best opportunity to judge the competency of the Master. While beside the road, he requested a car driver to stop. Fortunately that taxi driver was known to him. The driver narrated the whole story of the landslide and told that when he started from the site, this group along with Taiji was taking tea in a restaurant. Hearing it, he became receptive to some extent, we felt. This incidence Master did as to remove the veil from his eye.

Then Taiji reached exactly at 9:00 p.m. Master looked at Jaswant Singh and might have thought that the pitcher was still not baked.

S. Jaswant Singh did not cooperate with us for arranging a public talk of the Master, so on this ground we left his house but we used to come for Master's darshan every day. We were the new ones and nobody knew us there.

After two days, Master asked us that He had made a programme for the Chenab riverside and we all could come along there. We had not much to eat with us, but Taiji brought many things she had cooked for Master. We were sitting there at a distance, when Master told us, "You can have some food from Taiji." I asked Taiji to send the food through the children. Taiji answered, "I am not the servant of your father. Come and have it." I went there and told Taiji (who was serving our Master since the very beginning), "There is no doubt, you are the servant of our Father, He is the Father of all." It was a very beautiful time.

While returning to Srinagar from the riverside, there was a traffic jam and a lot of trucks of the Army were standing. I found a chance to go to them with books of the Master and told them about His competency. Standing at a little distance they could get the glimpses of the Master. I told them, that His Holiness had served in the Army as well. Some of them already knew about the Master, and it was the most fortunate day for them to see Him physically.

The following day we could find one of the disciples of the Master and managed a big place for the Master's Satsang in the area. A big place was occupied by the soldiers and the officers and their families. Thousand people welcomed the Master. It was a beautiful Satsang and they felt much radiation of the Master. This stay in Srinagar we remember as a beautiful day, as we could know, where there is a will there is a way, but we felt that where there is a will, there is God Himself as well.
The following day S. Jaswant Singh was very happy from heart which we never felt during our stay there. There was a meditation sitting and the Master asked my wife certain questions to be answered within and those answers Master wanted to hear separately when my wife, myself, Jaswant Singh and his wife were allowed to sit beside the Master. This concerned his personal problems which he could not get rid of throughout his life and which need not be mentioned for others, but those answers changed his life. They were related to the higher competency of the Master. S. Jaswant Singh's face was shining and we felt that through Sant Kirpal Singh he had accepted Baba Sawan Singh again. He brought two baskets of cherries and requested Master for a picknick near a riverside. It was very beautiful that Master went on giving us the parshad of cherries at intervals.

Master asked Rajpal of Amritsar to pick up all stones of the cherries and to put them in the stream flowing beside. Master smiled at him and lovingly told that if He found any stones outside, He would beat him. So all the time over he was very vigilant to pick up the stones and throw them into the water. At the end Master asked him whether he had really thrown all the stones in the water. He assured the Master that there were no stones anywhere. Looking toward myself and my wife, Master opened His fist and said, "There are still two with me."

After our return to the house of S. Jaswant Singh, Master got a telephone call from Bibi Lajo of Amritsar, a devoted disciple of Baba Sawan Singh. She used to cook for Baba Sawan Singh and served Baba Sawan Singh day and night. She said that she was upset and that Master should visit her before proceeding to Delhi.

(A year before my wife insisted on Master to show her the physical departure of Baba Sawan Singh Ji, since Master had already shown the same to one disciple from the United Provinces. As a result, one side of his body was paralysed. As she insisted again and again, Master showed her the physical departure of Baba Sawan Singh Ji. By the Grace of the Master she then could see the condition of all nears and dears of Baba Sawan Singh, compared to the condition of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, and hundred things more concerning the further Mission, which were transferred from the heart of Baba Sawan Singh to Sant Kirpal Singh. Her experience was witnessed by many people who gathered in the Amritsar-Centre. Thereafter this was told by someone to Bibi Lajo, who by hearing it became very much annoyed.)

If we take the Master merely as the physical body, we lose a lot. We lose the essence of the selfless service.

The very next day, we had to return to Amritsar. Master said that He Himself was coming to Amritsar the day after the next. When Master reached Amritsar we knew the reason of His visit. We wanted to express our feelings while Bibi Lajo was sitting with Master. But during that time, Master's attention did not allow us to enter the room.

Sitting beside the room, we could hear that Master said to Bibi Lajo, "My Master has given her so much, that even I cannot undo with it." Bibi Lajo, knowing all those things from her heart, would never explain it to others in their right perspective, but she felt it. When she came out along with Master, she wanted to become very familiar with us and said to my wife that they were friends. But my wife replied that she was not her friend. Master, holding the shoulders of my wife, said, "Sit in meditation and you will know the conversation and its meaning by the Grace of the Master." Thereafter Master left for Delhi.When we were back in Amritsar, we came to know an incidence, which was in connection with our journey. While I was with Master in Srinagar, one patient in my hospital was seriously ill. Sitting beside the Master I started thinking about the condition of this patient – whether the Doctor concerned had done some investigation or not, like this. At once Master said, "Since you have come, you should forget what is going on there. Because your attention will only be an interference in the way. So, leave this thing to the Masterpower."

I was there for ten days with Master and I was very busy. But when I came back, there was one woman who told that every day one old person used to come and nobody cared for Him. But she used to stay there and He also used to sit there. When the hospital was closed, He went away. The day when I returned she had also come but this man was not there. Then I said, "Do you see who that person was?" She said that He was very old. Then I showed her the picture of Sant Kirpal Singh and Baba Sawan Singh. She said, "This man, Baba Sawan Singh, was there." So every day He had come to the hospital, but only she could see Him, nobody else. And she further said that this Doctor in charge was attending there and he did not talk with Him anything.

Masterpower does everything for the child, and He does it in the best interest of the child. What He does will benefit you here and hereafter.

Harbhajan Singh


Sant Kirpal Singh
Sant Kirpal Singh in a shikara - a Kashmiri gondola - in a Srinagar waterway, 1970

All the disciple needs he can get just by surrendering fully at the feet of the Master.

Biji Surinder Kaur

Sant Kirpal Singh distributing flowers
Sant Kirpal Singh, Rishikesh
Harbhajan Singh – "There are two types of Saints."

Get hold of a perfect Master and follow His instructions fully, then shalt thou gain salvation even while engaged in worldly duties. God is with thee from eternity; thou hath but to turn thy face unto Him.

Bhai Nandlal

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