Sant Kirpal Singh visited in Greece from 22 July – 1 August, where He met the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Athens, as well as the Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church. He informed them of the aim of the World Fellowship of Religions and of His work to bring good will and peace.

I went to Athens where I gave a talk, but I did not know the Greek language. A professor there interpreted. Then after that were questions and answers. At the end I told them, "All right, come to the meditation hour in the morning." About fifty or sixty people came; they all got an experience. Then people ran up like anything. So that professor has written a big book, telling how Pythagoras used to teach the same thing, how Socrates said such and such. They have put my photo in the book and told how I have revived this ancient science. So this is something given, you see.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Several talks were arranged at public halls and private homes, including a reception given for Sant Kirpal Singh at the residence of Mr. Lemos, the Vice-President of the Greek Shipowners Association. A conference was held with the executive-heads of "Zoe"– meaning "Life"– one of the leading world publications on religious affairs, and the most vital spiritual magazine in Greece. "Zoe" is influential in every phase of Greek life. Professor Lazaros T. Choumanides, who met Sant Kirpal Singh at the airport, is a contributor to "Zoe," and he is also the Greek correspondent for the Philo-Byzantine University. The representatives of "Zoe" had been unaware of the existence of the World Fellowship of Religions, for they had been propounding the necessity for such an organization for many years. The meeting between themselves and the President of the W.F.R. led to a clarification of their own work, and a mutual understanding and knowledge of each other's work was established. Professor Choumanides agreed to become the Greek Representative for the World Fellowship of Religions.

Many diverse personalities called on Sant Kirpal Singh to discuss the W.F.R. These included Mr. Dayton, Chief of the United States Information Service in Athens, and General Paulopoules. Another press conference was held for Indian, Greek and Italian newsmen.

Five hundred years previously, Guru Nanak had visited Athens, and now, once again, a living Master of spirituality was in the city to revive the forgotten science of uniting the soul back to God

Reported by members of the touring group


Letter from Sant Kirpal Singh to the Sangat in India, printed in the newspaper "Citizen of India"
Athen, 30 July, 1963

Dear Sadh Sangat,

The grace of Hazoor Maharaj Ji be on you. I hope that you must have heard my voice on the tape record that I sent and on the radio, on the auspicious occasion of the birthday celebrations of Hazoor Maharaj Ji. I was not there with you physically but the whole scene was before me. The function must have gone smoothly by the grace of Hazoor Maharaj Ji and his memory must have filled your hearts.

Kindly send the full report on the function and convey my grateful thanks to all brothers and sisters who gave of their time and effort to make the function a success. I have met eminent Greek philosopers, many of whom have been initiated. A branch of Sawan Ashram has been established in Innsbruck (Austria). It is all through Hazoor's grace. The initiates and the new aspirants will gather together in this Ashram. Professor Antony Philips Halias has been put in charge of the work here. I shall be leaving for Rome on the first August from there to Paris and then to London. To all of you in the Sangat, I send my love.

Yours faithfully, Kirpal Singh



Sant Kirpal Singh stayed in Italy from 1 August - 6 August. A special audience with Pope Paul VI was granted to Him and His party.

I had a long talk at the Vatican in Rome, about two or three hours long, with the bishop in charge of the non-Christian religions. When we talked over the whole thing he said, "What you say is right."– "All right, now that you see this is the true teaching of Christ, why don’t you change the whole thing?" I quoted the example of Pope John. When he started something, he never consulted his committee – he ordered, "Do that!" If he could order it, why can't it be done now? He said, "If we do it now, half of the bishops will revolt. We will bring them around in time." Then (afterwards) we were meeting with the Pope. He just invited me to be an observer of this meeting (of non-Christian religions). But my programme schedule could not be fixed up, and I could not do it, you see. And the last thing, while I was there, he gave me a silver medal also with a citation of all those things. And in parting, he said, "I will pray for India, if You will pray for us."

Sant Kirpal Singh

In an audience with the Cardinal Vicar of Rome, Kirpal Singh was offered every cooperation with the unifying purpose of the World Fellowship of Religions. Count Vanni Teodorani, Member of the Italian Parliament, accepted the office of Italian Representative of the World Fellowship of Religions.

Kirpal Singh was interviewed by many pressmen from the leading Rome newspapers. Baroness Heynold von Graefe, representative of several European magazines, paid the Master a special visit and pledged that she would do her utmost to place his great mission before the world. On his final evening in Rome, prior to his departure for Paris, France, Kirpal Singh and His party were invited to a dinner party, given in their honour by his Excellency the Indian Ambassador and his wife.

Reported by members of the touring group




Sant Kirpal Singh were welcomed to Paris on 6 August, 1963. A beautiful bouquet of flowers was presented to Him, and He saw that many of His other European disciples were there to greet him.

Kirpal Singh stayed in Paris until 13 August, and on the second day of His stay conferred with Monsignor Kovalesky, Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church in France. Monsignor Kovalesky endorsed the aims and ideals of the World Fellowship of Religions with great enthusiasm. He echoed the sentiments of other leaders of Christendom by stating that the W.F.R. would smooth out many difficulties and erase apparent differences between the major religions of the world. He invited Kirpal Singh to speak at the Church of Saint Denise that evening, and the Master graciously accepted. At the conclusion of His inspiring address Kirpal Singh said, "As President of the World Fellowship of Religions, I am asking all religious leaders to come together for greater understanding so that peace can reign on earth." Monsignor Kovalesky willingly agreed to act as an advisor to the World Fellowship of Religions and to attend the forthcoming World Conference.

Kirpal Singh gave two public talks at the Centre International de Meditation Hindoue. A further public talk was given at a venue in the Boulevard Saint Germaine.

Jewish religious leaders visited Kirpal Singh twice, and on the second visit informed him that they had conveyed news of His mission to the Chief Rabbi in Israel. A consultation between Kirpal Singh and the Chief Rabbi had been arranged for the Master's eventual visit to Israel. Kirpal Singh was given a reception by Raymond Duncan, world-famous poet and playwright, at the Academic Raymond Duncan, a focal-point for humanitarian and cultural activities in Paris. Members of the Unity of Love movement, a French spiritual group; Sufi leaders and delegates of the great Coptic Church; all expressed their support for the tremendous world-mission of spirituality and unification. The Ambassador of Ethiopia, acting on behalf of His Majesty the Emperor Haile Selassie, invited Kirpal Singh and Baron von Blomberg to Ethiopia.

When Sant Kirpal Singh left Paris on 13 August, He was bidden farewell by many of His German, Swiss and French followers.

Reported by members of the touring group


Sant-Kirpal-Singh, Greece
Schedule of Sant Kirpal Singh's Tour
Sant Kirpal Singh with-Pope-aktuell

The main purpose is just to bring all children of God together on one common ground without changing their religion. They must remain in their own religion, but sit together, understand each other. We are already one – we have forgotten. That’s the main point.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh
Sant Kirpal Singh – World Fellowship of Religions

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