Sant Kirpal Singh left India for His Second World Tour on 8 June, 1963 and arrived at Frankfurt, Germany, where His European tour started.

This present tour has been taken as the extension of what my Master wanted of me. He impressed on me to have a common ground for all men, irrespective of whether they belonged to one religion or the other. They are all the same as man, and further, they are embodied souls. He wanted me to have a common ground for all, where men belonging to all religions, of the East or West, could sit together on the same earth and under the same canopy of heaven. So it is with His Grace that this present renovation, you might say, or revival of the old, old truths taught by all past Rishis and Masters is being given out.

Sant Kirpal Singh


For six days Sant Kirpal Singh and His party were the guests of Dr. Germa, the President of the Society for Harmonious Living. This Society has parallel aims and principles to the World Fellowship of Religions, and Dr. Germa invited many distinguished people, including politicians, theologians and University professors, to his residence in order to hear the discourses of Kirpal Singh.

On June 11, Kirpal Singh held a press conference with representatives of five Frankfurt newspapers.

On June 14, Kirpal Singh gave a public talk at the invitation of the Society for Harmonious Living. The large hall was filled to overflowing long before His arrival. The theme of Sant Kirpal Singh's address was "Love, and all things shall be added unto thee." The talk was ably interpreted by Professor Zimmerman, who had been a close friend of Mahatma Ghandi.


From His arrival in Düsseldorf on the night of June 14, 1963, Sant Kirpal Singh stepped into an extremely busy program. The Conference of the East Prussians, sponsored by the Landsmannschaft Ostpreussen (Association of the Expellees from East Prussia) was the highlight of this program. Many leaders from the religious, social and political spheres were attending this Conference, and Sant Kirpal Singh had been invited by Dr. Alfred Gille, President of the Landsmannschaft Ostpreussen, as a guest of honor.

The Reverend James McWhirter, an eminent Anglican minister and Editor of the Church of England magazine "Everyman," visited Sant Kirpal Singh and was immensely interested in the World Fellowship of Religions and its projected World Conference. On the afternoon of June 15, Sant Kirpal Singh and His party attended a reception given for all foreign guests.

Mr. Fakussa, an official representative of the Arab States, listened to the Master with an intense interest. At first he was attracted by the Master's noble and imposing physical appearance; then, and more important, he was attracted by the simple and yet authoritative words of wisdom which the Master gave out. Mr. Fakussa was amazed to hear that Sant Kirpal Singh was an exponent of the Surat Shabd Yoga – the Science of the Soul – and that he could, at the very first sitting, connect the soul to the Light and Sound Principle within. Mr. Fakussa had searched for the true spiritual Path since childhood and he had acquired much knowledge of spiritual things. But he had never imagined that he would ever have the good fortune to meet a living Master, a Master who was great enough to be able to instruct a disciple in the correct method of rising above body consciousness and actually give firsthand experience of the God-in-action-Power.

Professor Nerman, a personal friend of the King of Sweden, visited Sant Kirpal Singh and discussed the World Fellowship of Religions. He was accompanied by Mr. Arva Horn, a representative of the Baltic States. Kirpal Singh outlined the principles of the World Fellowship of Religion and the Professor responded with these enthusiastic words: "I think that this is the only hope for saving humanity. If, as your Holiness states, people would only try to understand their own religion in Truth, they would automatically place themselves in a better position for understanding other religions. Thus all racial difficulties which spring up between us would be easily overcome."

During the visit in Düsseldorf, when Sant Kirpal Singh called on His Eminence Archbishop Andrey of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, the Archbishop warmly embraced the Master. "I have heard much about you," he said, simply and sincerely, "and I am very happy to meet you." The Archbishop and Sant Kirpal Singh sat down together and discussed spiritual matters of mutual interest. Archbishop Andrey graciously accepted a vice-presidency of the World Fellowship of Religions, stating that he was willing to serve in whatever way Sant Kirpal Singh suggested. He invited Sant Kirpal Singh to visit his residence in New York when the Master and his party arrived in that city.

Sant Kirpal Singh participates in the Conference of the Landsmannschaft Ostpreußen (organization of German expellees from East Prussia), in the vast Rheinstadion at Düsseldorf on June 16. Over 200 000 people attended this Conference, many speeches were delivered, including an address by Herrn von Hassel, the Defence Minister of West Germany.

During His stay in Hamburg, Sant Kirpal Singh received the highest honor of the Free Polish People. Mr. V. Orlinkski, President of the Polish Combatants Association, made Him an honorary member, the first Asian to be thus honored.

The House of Oldenburg is one of the oldest and most illustrious families in Germany. The Grand Duke of Oldenburg gave a reception in honor of Sant Kirpal Singh at the ducal Palace in Eutin, about two hours drive from Hamburg, at a private consultation with Sant Kirpal Singh, this elderly and dignified nobleman consented to becoming a vice-president of the W.F.R.

Frau Dolling, the President of the Women of Pomerania movement, discussed the religious problems faced by people living behind the "Iron Curtain." "It is a known fact," she told Kirpal Singh, "that if the difficulties which parents have in attending church continue, then their children will forget God altogether."

Sant Kirpal Singh reassured her. "If the parents are strong in their views, then nothing is lost," He informed her. "The world might forget God, but God will never forget His children. If one sees these things a little beneath the surface it will be found that, day by day, a spiritual awakening is dawning in the world. Man is beginning to enquire about the true purpose of life. He wishes to know who he is, where he has come from, where he is going, and what the purpose of his life is. There is truly no need to be over concerned with these things, for God will do what is best for all creation. Naturally, it would be best if all people would become helping factors and channels for God's will." Sant Kirpal Singh paused for a moment. "You say that people behind the 'Iron curtain' are finding it difficult to worship God in church?" He asked. Frau Dolling nodded. In spite of the wide propaganda regarding the high rate of churchgoers in the U.S.S.R., there was apparently a great deal of difficulty for many devout people in several of the communist countries.

"God does not reside in human temples," continued Kirpal Singh. "He, Himself, made a temple in the form of the human body, and it is therein that He resides. People do not need churches in order to find God, although these places of worship have their value in providing a building where all can sit together in sweet remembrance of the Lord. When such actions are performed in deep sincerity, it helps us all to love one another. My message to all humanity is to seek God within, for He resides within every human being; He is the very Soul of our souls. Our less fortunate friends should realize this, and bring up their children in this greater and truer faith. If there is a church or temple available, it is well to make good use of it; but we should also learn to go within the God-made temple and find the God residing within ourselves."


In Berlin, Herr Müllenburg, Vice-President of the West Berlin Parliament, had asked Sant Kirpal Singh what happened to people who have no time for meditation and prayer due to their busy life in politics. Were they doomed to some form of spiritual punishment? Sant Kirpal Singh answered that all work done in sincerity and unselfishness for the cause of the human betterment was God's work. Meditation and prayer to God for selfish reasons were as bad as working against God's wishes. People who work unceasingly for the good of humanity – even if their own inner development is thereby neglected – were much better off than so-called religious leaders who devoted their time to God's work for material profit, thereby misleading humanity in the name of God. Herr Müllenburg was deeply touched by Sant Kirpal Singh's words. He took His hands and thanked Him.

On 24 June, Sant Kirpal Singh and His party were taken on a tour of West-Berlin. Pfarrer Siebrecht conducted the tour and proved an extremely informative and helpful guide. When Sant Kirpal Singh saw the notorious "Wall" between East and West, He was deeply moved.

"It is the right of everybody to be free," he affirmed strongly. "We know that stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage. Birds fly freely anywhere. The spirit is free. Man, the highest of God's creation, should therefore certainly be free. The inexorable law of nature is that all who do wrong must pay. Whosoever is responsible must pay for all cruel suppression of humanity; for all aggression. In the meantime, we of India, who have enjoyed the freedom of life and spirit, pray for those who do not enjoy their right of freedom. We know their situation, we do not forget them. All human should have the right of self-determination as to where they wish to live. The spirit is all and the spirit will overcome!"

Reported by members of the touring group


Sant Kirpal Singh arrived in Bonn on 30 June. A press conference was held, and news concerning Sant Kirpal Singh's mission in bringing the science of the soul to the West, and the purpose of the World Fellowship of Religions, was published in several of the major newspapers. Sant Kirpal Singh gave three public talks in Bonn.


Three public talks on the science of the soul were given in Nürnburg with several hundred people attending each talk. The talks were greeted with great enthusiasm, and many people made immediate enquiries about obtaining initiation into this spiritual science.

After the first talk, a group of Indian students came to the back of the stage and asked for permission to make a copy of the tape-recording of the talk. The Indian students explained that they attended a club where the members discussed all the world religions. In spite of the presence of representative speakers from the various faiths, questions were asked at the club, and almost always received a disappointing answer if any deep problem of spirituality or religion was touched upon. "I am a serious student of religion," one student declared, "but not until now have I ever come across anyone who could give such convincing answers to either simple or difficult questions in the clear and direct way of His Holiness."

On the morning of 9 July, Kirpal Singh left Nürnberg for München.


Sant Kirpal Singh was visited each day in München by many newspapermen, journalists and representatives of leading magazines spoke at great length on his task of bringing the science of the soul to the whole world. He spoke of the formation of the World Fellowship of Religions, referring to it as a major move for peace and goodwill in the world. At a dignified reception, Sant Kirpal Singh was welcomed by the Roman Catholic Cardinal of Munich. He was also received by His Excellency the Protestant Bishop and by the President of the Bavarian Government.

Christian leaders of various denominations, and professors and students from different universities discussed spirituality and the reconciliation of the world faiths with Sant Kirpal Singh. One student asked the Master about the path of discipleship and the requirements for treading this path. The Master informed him that the basic conditions for would be – a willingness to cultivate a flawless morality, truthfulness, non-injury to others, love for all and selfless service. These are the five cardinal virtues. The disciple is expected to be purely vegetarian in his diet, to abstain from alcoholic drinks and narcotics, to earn an honest living and to practice right conduct in all his affairs and transactions.

Sant Kirpal Singh left Germany for Innsbruck, Austria, on July 14.

Reported by members of the touring group


Sant Kirpal Singh was to stay during His visit to Austria in the city Innsbruck in a small hotel called "Pension auf dem Hernstein". Sant Kirpal Singh’s visit from 14 - 22 July, meant a busy schedule. A radio interview was broadcast on the "All Austrian Radio Network" and a conference with various religious leaders was held. He addressed the student priests at the Jesuit College at Innsbruck and had many talks with His disciples.

A long conference was held with the Roman Catholic Bishop and his assistants. After some conversation, the Bishop began to question Sant Kirpal Singh about various aspects of spirituality and religious worship. The Bishop was extremely interested in the answers which he received to his questions until Sant Kirpal Singh mentioned the word 'Over-soul'.

"If the soul is of the same essence of God," stated the Bishop, "and God is all, how can there be an Over-soul which is other than the soul? This, I am afraid, is unscriptural. You are teaching something which is not in accordance with the Christian religion." The room was very quiet and still, and the attention of every person present was fixed upon the Bishop and Sant Kirpal Singh.

"It is true," replied Sant Kirpal Singh softly, "that the soul is the same as God. But the soul has separated itself from the original source, just as a running stream which is pure and cool gets separated from the main flow and some of the water filters through sand and mud, and so forth. The stream is still the same pure drinking water, but the muddy pools are no longer part of the stream. Although the water is still basically the same, no one would even care to wash their hands in these dirty pools. However, if the mud is removed and the water returned to its original source, it again becomes pure and clear and once more part of the stream to quench many a thirst."

Sant Kirpal Singh paused and then looked at the Christian dignitary with great love. "So it is that the soul," He continued, "being the same essence of God – or Oversoul – when separated through the dirt of mind and matter becomes different to the Oversoul or God. When it is cleansed and purified by the living waters of the word of God, that very soul becomes one with the Oversoul!" The prelate was pleased with this explanation and thanked Sant Kirpal Singh for being so explicit. After this discussion a press conference was given at the Grauer Bär Hotel in Innsbruck for the Austrian press representatives.

Reported by members of the touring group


Sant Kirpal Singh was also received by the Cultural Representative of the Italian Government, and the visit to Austria ended with a Conference given by the Governor of the Tyrol and the Mayor of Innsbruck.

I told some governors I met during this tour that all the problems of the governments will be solved. I told them, "Look here, you have been given custody of certain people under you. Look after their convenience to the best you can. Have love of service. Service of humanity is service of God; God has entrusted you with that. No matter what the number of people your country has, let them be served. You are responsible to God for that. If one country has more people to serve than it can manage, let the people of other countries manage to provide for them or transfer them to their country." Everything can be solved; and in two or three cases, they did change. We should think that whatever we have, others certainly have the same right.

Once I went to Austria. Then some Italian and Tyrolian people were fighting. A war was about to break out and the governor, whom I met, said, "I am in a dilemma, what to do. My country is out for war. What should I do? I cannot decide."

I told him, "What is good, do at once, what is not, does not appear good, wait. Try to reconcile by good will." And there was no war. The governor wrote back to me, sent me word through somebody, "When are you coming back? We need you."

Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh - Second World Tour

When I came for the first time in 1955, I sent out one pamphlet, "Man! Know Thyself", and the world invited me without seeing me on the small pamphlet. Many simple things appeal to everybody, I think.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Some scences from Sant Kirpal Singh's stay in Germany
Sant Kirpal Singh Duesseldorf
Sant Kirpal Singh
Sant Kirpal Singh
Sant Kirpal Singh
Sant Kirpal Singh
Sant Kirpal Singh
Sant Kirpal Singh, Germany 1963

Spirituality is the only hope left for the world over. This is the main purpose of our tour.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Some scences during Sant Kirpal Singh's stay in Austria
Sant Kirpal Singh, Austria
Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh – "When I was in Tyrol"


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