Since we got initiation, we could only find one thing – that Master is everything for us, we are born for the Master, we will work for the Master and we will die for the Master. That is our purpose of human life and we both settled it. My wife and myself worked very close to each other, and there were many experiences and incidences which showed that this Power now working in the world is the Godpower Himself.


He is the Almighty Power

Many incidences happened near the Amritsar-Centre. Master often called me to tell something, and many of those incidences were fully recorded while Master was sitting in the Satsang. Once I said, "This Power which is sitting before you is not merely a Master, He is the Almighty Power." As Master says in one Sat Sandesh (monthly magazine) that Kabir is the Father of spirituality, so like Him our Master was not a simple Saint – He had travelled through all the planes and had gone right up to His Home. And from that Home He could govern the whole situation of the world. That was His power, and very few people could understand. But He gave us this right understanding right from the beginning.

If we started to do anything for the development of His Mission, we did it even without getting any prior permission. If you work for the betterment of humanity, for the upliftment of His Mission, then you should start it in His name. If you do anything in His name, then this Power is already there, you need not worry for it.

I tell only about those things which were confirmed by the Master. All those experiences were fully confirmed by the Master, and this gave us so much vibration that the following day without any reason we used to go to Master. We never knew when to go to the Master, we never fixed the time. We could only fix it, when it was beyond our control. Sometimes this vibration became so strong that it was continuously there without break. Then we had no choice than to go to the Master.


At that time there were lots of problems in the Amritsar-Centre. There was nobody to check it, and whenever Master came, He always solved problems from one person to another. He didn't make much Satsang, but He was busy in deciding all those problems. Once, when Master came to Amritsar the third time, I had gone for some work in my village. During my absence all who were in the Ashram decided that one person should be chosen to handle all the affairs of the Ashram. Actually there was one person, but he could not handle all those problems, because he himself was full of little problems. So Master warned him many times to get rid of those problems, but ultimately all people said to Master that they wanted one person to handle all the problems and to take care of everything.

So Master said, "Tell me any person you want to select." So unanimously all people mentioned my name there, saying, "He is a person who after getting initiation has always been fully attentive to the cause of the Master. He comes most of the time to the Ashram and he also spends money for this purpose." So Master said, "Okay, show me this man whom you are supporting unanimously." Then I came there. After this talk Master said, "They want you to be the president of this Ashram. Do you also want it?" I said, "Master, what is Your opinion?" Master  said, "I am also with the Sangat, with all disciples." Then I said, "Master, I want to work, I really want to work. If You want, then I must accept it." So Master was very happy, because I never hesitated, I never said, "Master, I don't have time", though I was very busy in my work – I was holding the hospital, I was running the dispensary there, lots of people used to come to me, but still there was much time for the cause of the Master. Because I worked whole the day and in the evening I used to be free for the Mission of the Master. Three or four hours I used to spend for His cause.

So then Master selected another person as my secretary. Master said, "You can select some more persons to work with you." Later on I thought that it is not an easy job to have some load on the shoulders – we should get some guarantee from the Master, too. It was summer season, and Master was resting on the roof of the house. I took the secretary with me and said, "We want to go to the Master for a talk. It is our mutual interest, we should go there. I do not know what is to be spoken with Master, it will be only decided when Master will allow us to speak. And what to speak, that depends upon His own sweet will. But something is compelling me to go to Master."

So when we went to Him, I said, "Master, I have one question." Master said, "Tell me." I said, "Master, a lot of people came here – there was one president before me, and he is now no more. Beforehand there was one who also went away. Before him there was also one who couldn't stay here. What was the problem, why did they go? Why could they not stay here?" Master said, "It was only the problem with their ego." I asked Master, "If the same thing has to come to us, then I resign right from today. I don't want to work on this behalf." Master said, "You say about yourself." I said, "No Master, we both are selected for this cause." Master said, "I tell you, you tell about yourself." I said, "Master, if I have to be affected by this ego, I may be allowed to leave this post at once. I cannot work – I must not work." Then Master was very happy. Master put His hand up and said, "No, this ego will not come to you, don't worry!" Along with these words some vibration, some charging came, and that is still working because these were the words of the Master.


A change was brought into the Satsang when we started to use a tape recorder. I said, "Master, I want to hear only Your voice." Master was happy and wrote a letter to me. He sent one tape recorder, and we paid for it.

It was the first time in Amritsar that I brought this tape recorder, and those persons who wanted to make their own play, they didn't like the tape. It showed their interest in the Master. So some withdrew from the Satsang saying, "It is not nice." I said, "Let it be not nice, but it is written in the holy scriptures, and it is spoken by the Master." So some complaints like this came up, and these complaints went to Master. Master, however, advocated for me, and later on He said, "The Doctor is in the right condition, because he directs each and every person right to me and does not keep anyone up to himself." 

Master manifested in Nag Kalan

Once when Master came back from a tour to Bombay, His car met an accident on the way, and Master came to the Delhi Ashram by taxi.

The same day in the evening, Master appeared to us in Nag Kalan at that place which we later developed as His room. The cuffs and collar of Master's shirt were dirty and the turban was loose. Soon Master disappeared.

Surprised to the utmost, we could not know whether Master had manifested or had come physically. Our whole house was filled with a smell like that of roses and jasmine. Immediately we took the car, and early in the morning we reached the Ashram in Delhi. When we came out of the car, Master saw us, and He told the Sangat who was sitting there, "Today's Satsang is finished. Now go back, I'm very tired. I came here very late and have still to change my clothes."

To our great surprise Master was wearing the same clothes: His cuff was dirty, the collar was broken and a piece of His turban was hanging off.

Then He had a heart-to-heart talk with some disciples. I said, "Master, we wanted to tell You something." But since these persons were there, Master said, "No, don't speak." So throughout our life we have never told this experience to Master again.

Harbhajan Singh


Dr Harbhajan Singh greeting his beloved Master Sant Kirpal Singh, October 1973
Dr Harbhajan Singh with his wife Biji Surinder Kaur, Nag Kalan near Amritsar
At the time of Master, there existed already an Ashram in Amritsar. Dr Harbhajan Singh and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur, living in Nag Kalan near Amritsar, started to work at the Amritsar-Centre right from the beginning.
MP3 Sant Kirpal Singh – Punjabi Satsang

"Guru Sman Nahin Data – Kabir"




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