Baba Sawan Singh had one real disciple – Kirpal Singh, who did each and everything for His Master. They knew each other, but lots of people could not know. There were some, however, and they were also receptive due to the very near link they had with Sant Kirpal Singh.

Sant Kirpal Singh was given the duty for Satsang in Rawalpindi. It was the home town of Sant Kirpal Singh, but He was in service at another place. At that time He used to live in Lahore. From there He used to visit Rawalpindi for Satsang. He used to go by train and those disciples living in Rawalpindi, they always came to receive Sant Kirpal Singh at the railway station. And when there was Satsang, they used to feel a vibration of the Master and sometimes there was so much charging (of the atmosphere) that some people used to weep in the sweet remembrance of the Master, or they used to have the vibration of the Master. So later on, when He was to go back, lots of people used to go to see Him off at the railway station. In this situation Rajaram, a disciple of Hazur went directly to Baba Sawan Singh and complained about the whole situation – that Sant Kirpal Singh was getting very popular in the eyes of the disciples and that people loved Him too much, so that the respect which only Master deserved, now those disciples had started to provide to Sant Kirpal Singh as well. He did not think this to be a good thing. Baba Sawan Singh smiled and said, "It is no Satsang where people do not feel the vibration of the Master. Do you think, when Satsang is held, I am not there?" He said, "I am always there! What He does – I know. I love this personality too much, much more than you do."

Afterwards this Rajaram used to be very near to Sant Kirpal Singh. A time came during his life that out of love and devotion which he got through the nearness of Sant Kirpal Singh, he went directly to Baba Sawan Singh and said, "Babaji, I want to tell you something. I have love and devotion for You, You are very high to me, You are God for me. But I do not know, after You, I have receptivity and love and devotion for Sant Kirpal Singh." He answered, "This is right, you are on the true line. This is right."

One ­day Ba­ba Saw­an ­Singh ­asked, "Kir­pal ­Singh, do ­you ­need par­shad?" He ­said, "­Yes Mas­ter, I ­need it!" It ­was a par­shad of ap­ples. So Ba­ba Saw­an ­Singh start­ed to ­give ap­ples ­from a ­big bas­ket, ­and ­Sant Kir­pal ­Singh re­ceived ­them, hold­ing ­His ­shirt. ­Both ­were ­above ­body-con­scious­ness, ­and ­some ap­ples ­were fall­ing ­down. Tai­ji ­said, "Ha­zur, ­can I al­so ­have ­one ­that is fall­ing ­down?" Ha­zur ­said, "If ­the spar­rows ­take a lit­tle ­bit of wa­ter ­from ­the ­ocean, ­the ­ocean ­will ­not fin­ish, ­you ­can ­have as ­much as ­you ­like."
­The ­whole San­gat ­knew ­that ­there ­was ­one dis­ci­ple of Ba­ba Saw­an ­Singh ­whom He ­loved ­very ­much, ­they ­knew ­each oth­er. Kir­pal ­Singh ­knew ­what Ba­ba Saw­an ­Singh de­sired ­from ­Him. So through­out ­His ­life ­Sant Kir­pal ­Singh ­worked ­with ­the at­ten­tion of Ba­ba Saw­an ­Singh. It ­was rare ­that He ­got a phys­i­cal or­der. He on­ly ­worked ­with at­ten­tion. ­This at­ten­tion is ­there ­when ­the ­heart be­comes ­one. On­ly by see­ing ­you ­can un­der­stand ­what ­your Mas­ter de­mands ­from ­you.

Harbhajan Singh


Once it so happened that my Master (Baba Sawan Singh) was photographed for the first time. I was there. He moved from one station to another. I followed Him. At one place, a man who was a big landlord was just entering the room. Standing by Him, he requested of the Master, "Well, Master, will You give me a copy of Your photograph?" The Master’s ways are very mysterious. He told him, "Look here, even Kirpal Singh wants it, but I won’t give it to him." I was sitting outside, you see. Mysterious are His ways. Later I said, "Well, dear Master, I know Your love for Your Master is the richest. One cannot scale how much love You have for Him! But still, with the love You have given me, won’t You give me a copy of Your photograph?" – "No, no, ... Surely I will give you one." That was the first time He got Himself photographed. If you have love, it is the panacea for everything. Love is God and God is love.

Harbhajan Singh


Throughout His life, Sant Kirpal Singh's devotion and love for His Master tided to the greatest hights. He always preached about His Master. He loved to hear Him, He loved so sit by Him. He even did not put any question, and if ever He put a question, it was only for the interests and the welfare of the mission.

Harbhajan Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh talks about His three questions He asked Baba Sawan Singh

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