I have come to you as man to man. I am just as any of you are. Of course, each man has got the same privileges from God. I developed in a way that concerns my own Self. What I learned at the feet of my Master about my own Self, the real Self, I will put before you so that those who are seeking after Truth may find some guidance.

Sant Kirpal Singh


When I first went to America a scientist came up – he gave long talks, followed by long discussions – it took him over five hours. Then I questioned him – I had heard all that he said – I asked him, “You have been able to create energy, but have you been able to create an ounce of consciousness?” He said, “No.” He was right. Then I told him, “Well look here, two halves of a loaf can make one whole loaf; can a hundred fools together make one wise man?” He said, “No.” – “In the field of energy you have made so many inventions but nothing in the way of consciousness.” Then I further questioned him, “Have you analysed matter? What did you find?” – “There were elements,” he replied. Then I asked him, “Have you analysed the elements?” – “Yes.” – “What did you find?” He said, “We found atoms.” Then I further questioned him, “Have you been able to analyse an atom?” – “Yes.” He said, “One circle was revolving, something going in a very fast way, round and round.” – “What did you find there?” – “Some sound.” You see? Now they have found light, too. Then he came round, you see. The people who were attending this discussion said he would never turn up the next day for initiation. He was the first man to turn up, and he got the highest experience. Then he invited me to his scientific association. I had to give a talk.

All my talks were given free, whereas usually some money is paid by the people attending the talks there – sometimes through collections during the talk, or through tickets purchased before the talk. When I had the collection basket removed, someone asked me if I did not want some money for myself, and I said, “No.” At the very first talk in U.S.A. (God and Man) a man (Russian) wanted to donate five thousand dollars. When I asked him why, he said that I had given a very wonderful talk and he wanted to subscribe to the work. I told him that it is a gift of God and as all gifts of nature are free, it should be given freely. Are any rights reserved for a Master’s words? There are no rights reserved on the words uttered by a true Master. When the people saw that all my talks were truly given free, they could not understand what I was after. I explained that this body is the temple of God, we have forgotten this, I have come to revive that memory, so each one should return to their nature and know what they truly are.

The world today is full of pseudo masters so much so that the people are fed up with the very word “master.” Men are willing to sacrifice everything – their money, their possessions, just to see the Light of God. They are fed on hopes and promises and then they are told that they are not yet fit for the way. Ultimately, they find that those (so-called) “masters” are after material wealth like themselves; they lead the same life of the senses as themselves. Naturally this causes revulsion and the people say that masters are all a hoax. This is only an erroneous result of the sad experiences that they have had.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Letter to the Sangat – Silver Spring, Md., 17 June, 1955

Dear Delhi Satsang (My Life)

In continuation of my previous letter I may state that a Satsang was held in an open grassy ground around the Washington Monument. It started with a shower of rain, which stopped. I told the audience that whenever anything was started in the name of my Master Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, He came down with a shower always. The talk was given for full one hour on the subject – "What are the pre-requisites to see God." Then again rain came on; which drenched one and all sitting and there were still some who continued hearing the talk until I stopped talking. Hazur’s grace is working in all fullness. In my evening talk today at Friends’ Meeting Hall, I dealt "whether we can see God", and they were wonderstruck.

Talks are given regularly every evening from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. First they used to be given here in the house, but now as the gathering is getting stronger every day, this house refuses to hold all of them. So, a huge hall has been taken over and from yesterday Satsangs are held there.

Whoever has the good fortune to come in close contact with me, he just cannot resist me. I suppose the Light of God cannot be screened off and for the true seekers it is the beginning and the end of their search when they come to me. I have never seen such a remarkable change in such a short period of time in the people here, for in the beginning some had come with their wits sharpened to a razor’s edge with suspicion, and with thoughts of attaching me with the most well thought of difficult questions. They really bombarded me with questions which even a most learned man would not possibly attempt to reply, but it did not take long for me with Master’s Grace to shock them into awakedness with an effortless way of giving answers and making them so easily understandable, and in such a simple way, too, that this really stunned them – and within these thirteen days those very people who had come to criticize now sit at the feet like thirsty people quenching their thirsts with that which poured from the lips of the Master within. They all look up with such love and devotion; this is the result of being near the all powerful truth, for the sittings are given every morning to all, they might be initiated or not. Jesus Christ has come to many new comes with the radiant form of the Master; so he, too, is helping to bring the people near the Master. New people are being drawn from day to day and Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj is also appearing to some, who have not even seen His picture and they recognise Him from the picture when shown.

I was invited by WTOP television people, so I was on TV for twenty minutes on the 13th (Monday morning) and gave a talk on the essentials and non-essentials of religions. The essentials were all one – love of God and love of humanity, and now they want to make a film of me and earnestly want me to come to the TV again. I hope I will agree, for this is the only means of making the people of America see and know the message of the Great Master Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj as also those who are ready may know that there is, after all some body still to put them on the way back to God, as presented by Masters in the past, so no need for despair for them. One of my talks was broadcast over the Radio on the subject. There is one way back to God for all humanity alike which starts when you transcend the body and another is being broadcasted this evening.

So many pictures are being taken of me that I think in a few days’ time I will be the most photographed man, and the press – you just cannot imagine what a busy time I am having. When I see you I will show you some of the newspaper cuttings, which I have asked Khanna to keep.

Some of them wonder if Master is the re-incarnation of Christ. Some have accepted Him as Christ, some take Him to be even greater than Christ. I simply tell them that I am a man just as you are – and simply developed in the spiritual way with the Grace of my Master. What I have learnt at His Holy Feet I am giving out to you.

The head of Meher Baba’s Movement came to me for an interview today and I had a long talk with her – she has invited me to a meeting of Meher Baba’s followers, so I have promised to do so.

I have been invited by the Central Y.M.C.A. to speak on the subject "Spiritual Discipline in an Atomic Age" on the 19th June, 1955 where men from various countries are attending. On the same day I have to give a talk at the Mt. Vernon Methodist Church at their service at 10 a.m. In the same evening Satsang will also be held at Friends’ Meeting Place, Quaker’s Church, where many people are expected to attend. TV photographer will come and will shoot 16 mm film to show on TV next Saturday the 25th June and will also introduce the Master and His Party.

Please convey my fondest love and best wishes to each one of you in the Ashram and all those who attended the Satsang.
Your affectionately Kirpal Singh


Some Impressions

A magician came to a morning meditation sitting in Chicago during my first tour. He was a first class magician from Europe especially invited to America with the purpose to make me fail. He said, “You are going to give me a sitting, am I permitted to sit?” – “Yes, come on.” I gave a sitting. He was sitting at the side exerting all his work against me. Nothing happened, but he in return fell down, headlong down, unconscious. They had to revive him in my arms, put him into bed and solace him. “Well, never mind, you will be all right. Don’t worry.” Reaction was there. When a wave comes and hits a stone wall, the wave will recede. If there is sand there, then that wave will permeate. So as a reaction, he fell down unconscious. He was a follower of the other party, especially engaged for that purpose. I treated him, giving him medicine so that he would be all right. Then he said to the whole gathering over there, “I have seen for the first time the love of Christ. What I was being told was all wrong.” He passed away. His wife sends me letters even now.

When I was in Washington a meeting was arranged with the avowed purpose of representing the viewpoint of both East and West. They chose me as a representative of the East and one representative was nominated for the West, who had to come from France. Unfortunately he did not arrive in time and so they said to me, “All right, we leave the representation of both East and West to You.” I told them that people say that “East is East and West is West and the two shall never meet.” But I said, that this was our distinction, for we had made East and West. There was in fact neither East nor West. God made one creation. All the countries are so many rooms in the house of our Father. The aeroplanes have annihilated all distances. If we fly today from here we reach England the next day and on the third day we are in America. So we all live in the house of our Father.

I was in Los Angeles for a few days, and there a blind doctor came for a meditation sitting. The blind people also have Light; it is but a matter of inversion. After the sitting he admitted, “Yes, I see Light.” So that Light is within all men.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Birth Anniversary Day of Baba Sawan Singh

On 27 July, 1955 Sant Kirpal Singh has arranged to speak to the sangat on the auspicious occasion of Hazur’s Birth Anniversary Day which falls on the 27th of July. This talk will be relayed from Voice of America, Ceylon to India at 7:00 p.m. on 27th July, 1955 Indian Standard Time, at 25, 42 Meter Short Wave.

Dearest Sangat,
Heartiest congratulations and best of loving wishes to each one of you – old, of age and young kiddies on the auspicious Birthday Anniversary of Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, the sweetest of my soul. I am on aeroplane, left Chicago at 10:30 for Beaumont.

Though physically I am away but I see you all over there.
With fondest love to you all, Kirpal Singh


Talks given in churches

During my tours abroad, many talks were given in churches. When I gave references of the Bible people were surprised: “We, too, have read it but we have not caught the point”, they felt. Twelve or fourteen bishops were initiated. They do not permit one who belongs to another community to deliver a lecture in the church. But church authorities invited me. I gave 70 percent of my talks in churches. They welcomed me and said, “This teaching is given in the Bible, but we are not acquainted with that. Our Bible requires new interpretation.” One minister went as far as to say, “I have been in charge of a Presbyterian Church for forty years, but today for the first time I have understood what the Bible is telling me.” He came and bowed to me in front of everyone with tears in his eyes. I want to point out that all glory and praise be to those past Masters who have given us these teachings.

What is the greatest study of man? Is it theology? I would say no. Is it knowing the law of Blackstone and other great men who came in the past? Even then the answer will be no. Is it the study of works of men like Shakespeare, Milton, Dickens, Burns? No. Is it occultism or Buddhism or Christianity or Sikhism or any other social religion that we may study? Are such works the greatest aim of man’s study? Again I would say that the answer is no. Why? If you become conversant with all the scriptures left by the Masters, what do they speak of? “Man know thyself.” So, knowing man, both his outer and inner aspects, is the greatest study for us. The greatest study of man is man.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Signs of a competent Master

I have received one letter; it is with me. I got it when I returned from America. An instance of the time of Hazur in 1934 is mentioned there. A lady wrote: “Kirpal Singh met me in Chicago city in 1934. I was carrying some fruit. He took some fruit, ate it, and disappeared with the basket.” This lady inquired by correspondence from every place what that was. She could not make out. I wrote her, “This is not a new thing. That Power materializes and also becomes Word made Flesh and also stays hidden.” It is not a new thing, this is not a miracle, but these are the signs of the competent Master.

Sant Kirpal Singh



In the West many intellectual people came to hear my talks, and not for one moment did I ever stop and wonder how they would receive my words; with great power I would emphasize the teachings.

Sant Kirpal Singh


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