23 - 24 October

Sant Kirpal Singh arrived at Montreal, Canada, at 12 noon. On arrival, He was taken to the Windsor Hotel, where many disciples were waiting to greet the Master.

During His two days in Montreal (His first visit there), the Master gave public talks at the Conference Room of the Hotel, and also spoke at the Sir George Williams University, at the invitation of Professor Rossner, head of the Dept. of Religion. There was also a press conference at the Hotel, which was attended by the disciples as well as the press. Dr. Roger Foisy, the local group leader, introduced the Master to the reporters.

At one session, the Master was asked about blood transfusions. He said, "If it keeps a man alive so he can know God, then it is all right. But the transfusion of another's blood can change your whole way of thinking." Reno Sirrine said, "Master, can you spare a transfusion?" Master answered, "Why do you want my blood? I am giving you my life."

Another questioner asked, "By following Master, we leave our previous religion, more or less, and this affects our family and hurts them because we are not following their tradition." The Master replied, "The customs that are now prevailing are man-made, not God-made or Master-made. Don't criticize others, love others, be friendly and loving. Be polite, but know the Truth within. The basic teachings are the same everywhere. Right interpretation can only be given by one who sees."

On the morning of October 24 one Satsang was held. At 6 p.m. an interview with Sant Kirpal Singh was recorded for a Montreal radio station. The Master gave very complete answers to the interviewer's questioning, telling him that His main purpose was to revive the unity that already exists, and to help us solve the mystery of man – who we are, what we are.

25 October

Sant Kirpal Singh and His party left Montreal the following morning, 25 October, by plane, for Toronto, arriving there at 10:30 a.m.

Master was brought to the Mont Sondan Hotel, where He stayed the one night in Toronto. Afterwards He went to Manor Road United Church where many people were waiting to have a glimpse of Him. There Sant Kirpal Singh gave a brief talk. Later in the afternoon He met a large number of people at His hotel.

The public talk that night was at the Theosophical Society at 8 p.m. When the Master arrived, the hall was absolutely full and many people had either to sit in the corridors or passages or had to stand along the sides.

26 October - 1 November

At 3 p.m. Sant Kirpal Singh left for Chicago, Illinois, by plane and arrived at 4:30 p.m. Many disciples followed Him to the Belmont Hotel where His accommodations were booked for the seven-day stay.

While the Master was in Chicago, many of the various meetings were held in the hotel. Others were held at Palmer House, the University of Illinois, the Theosophical Society, and the Unitarian Church, where Sant Kirpal Singh was the guest speaker at the Sunday morning service on 29 October.

At the invitation of the University of Chicago, the Master spoke there at 2:30 p.m. on 31 October. A faculty member welcomed Him and said that it was a privilege and pleasure to have a practical Saint among them. The Sant Kirpal Singh talked about the importance of the true values of life, and the impact of various yogas, including Surat Shabd Yoga. After the talk He answered a few questions.

On 1 November evening at 7:30, at the Belmont Hotel, Sant Kirpal Singh gave His farewell talk.

Reported by a member of the touring group


As I have told you, Wanted: Reformers – not of others, but of themselves. God is within you; the Master Power is within you. When Baba Jaimal Singh initiated somebody, he used to say, "Look here: now I am residing within you. Take care; I am looking after you now." Do we think like that? If you think somebody is watching you, can you do anything wrong? No. So be true to your own Self, then you will fear nothing in the world.

The man who is not true to himself, he will have to tell lies, excuse me; why? Because he is afraid the secret will be out. He will speak to one man a few words, and he will talk to another, because at heart of hearts he is in fear. Then you will find, after a month or two the whole statement will change. So the man who betrays his own Self, is not true to his own Self, he has to tell hundreds of lies. To keep one thing secret he has to tell hundreds of lies. But a secret is never a secret! The cat must be out of the bag. If you don't watch it, others do see it. So be true to your own Self; these are simple words, but they carry great meaning – they provide you with greatness of culture, I would say. And ultimately you will learn humility.

Sant Kirpal Singh

2 - 7 November

Sant Kirpal Singh left Chicago on 2 November at 10:20 a.m. by plane. A large number of disciples were waiting at the Cincinnati airport, Indiana, when Sant Kirpal Singh arrived, and many accompanied Him to the Vernon Manor Hotel, where He was to stay. During His stay here, the Master spoke at Edgecliff College, the Unity Temple, the University of Cincinnati, and at the hotel itself.

On 4 November, Sant Kirpal Singh gave His last talk that night at the hotel at 8.

The following morning, 5 November, the Master left Cincinnati by plane, arriving at Denver, Colorado, at 10 a.m. Many dear ones were waiting at the Denver airport to greet Him on His first visit there. The Master and His party stayed at the William XVI Apartment Hotel, and heart-to-heart talks were given at the Heart of Denver Motor Hotel. In addition, evening talks were given before huge crowds at Temple Buell College and the Regency Inn, in both speaking to jam-packed halls of more than a thousand people.

The Master's evenings in Denver saw hundreds of people sitting in His hotel room for darshan. It was Sant Kirpal Singh's first visit to Denver, and many people had been waiting to see Him for many years.

On Tuesday, 7 November, the last public meeting in Denver was held that evening at 7:30. The following morning, Sant Kirpal Singh and His party left Denver for Vancouver, British Columbia.

Hundreds of people were waiting for Him at the Vancouver airport, and, after a long wait, were overjoyed when He finally arrived at 12:40 p.m. More than thirty disciples had traveled on the same plane, and most of them accompanied Him to the Centennial Motor Hotel, where He stayed for the four days in Vancouver.

8 - 11 November

Two evening talks, were held at the Unity Centre; The evening talk on 8 November was held at Kitsilano High School in the main auditorium and was attended by more than 1200 people; 300 more were turned away by school authorities, on the ground that the hall was already full. This saddened the Master, that people were turned away; and His talk at the same building three nights later was given in the gymnasium, where there was ample room.

The dear ones came up to Master's hotel room after the talks each night in Vancouver, hoping to get a glimpse of Him; and He usually came out to see them, sitting in a big room down the hall where they could all fit.

In the afternoon of 11 November, at the request of some Indian families, the Master held a talk in Punjabi at the Unity Centre. The final talk was held that night at Kitsilano High School, and the following morning Sant Kirpal Singh left for San Francisco.


Sant Kirpal Singh

The path to the true home really starts when the soul is reborn, for the first birth is in the body, and the second above the body into the Beyond. Learn to die so that you may begin to live.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Every king wants his sons to become kings, not ministers. Every Saint wants you to become like Him.

Sant Kirpal Singh


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