Constructing the Ashram

Ba­chan ­Singh, ­who ­was for­tu­nate to be ­with ­both Mas­ters, Ba­ba Saw­an ­Singh ­and Kir­pal ­Singh, ­tells ­about ­the con­struc­tion of ­the Ash­ram in Del­hi: The work began, clearing the plot, cutting unwanted bushes and trees. The willing devotees carried clay on their heads to level out the surface. I am reminded of one instance when the Master Himself picked up an empty basket and put it in front of those who were filling up. But they folded their hands in protest saying, "No, no, Maharaj Ji, not You." The Master asked, "Is there no one who will obey and fill up this basket for me?" I was there, and I stepped forward, "Yes, I will obey", and I filled it up, pressing down the mud until it was overflowing. Then with difficulty I lifted it up and placed it on the Master’s head. Folding my hands together I said, "Maharaj Ji, You can take any burden." The Master laughed and walked away with the basket.

It was very beautiful to see men and women, sometimes coming in cars and wearing expensive clothing, but not caring at all, bending their backs to the muddy work. Everyone had smiling, soil-streaked faces as they blended the work with joyful singing of holy hymns. Those were very wonderful days, not easily forgotten. I worked there day and night. I had hundred rupees when we started, which I spent gradually on myself and others, so I borrowed hundred more, and that went too.
The news reached me that my hut had been blown down in a storm, so I had no home, little clothing and no money; but inside me there was a deep sense of happiness and well-being from the privilege of working near the Master.

In those days there was a small group of people who were against the Master starting an ashram and were trying to break the Satsangis away through various means. They came to me frequently, and repeated many times that the Master was not Baba Sawan Singh’s true follower. After many attempts in vain, they almost convinced me one day, and I began to wonder about it. However, I thought that before making up my mind I should go to the Master once more.

Arriving at the Ashram, the building of which was now basically complete, I saw the Master standing there as if awaiting me. He looked at me as I approached, and suddenly I could not go further, for there, standing behind Him was my Master Baba Sawan Singh, and behind Him was Baba Jaimal Singh Ji. Baba Sawan Singh Ji looked at me significantly, and putting His hand on Kirpal Singh’s shoulder He said to Him, "This is all Yours; You have to look after many souls." I saw Sant Kirpal Singh fold his hands and bow down to His Master, saying, "Whatever You wish." With deep sadness I realized how foolish I had been to allow people to influence my thought and faith in the Master. Many many times have I had this wonderful experience of seeing my Master appear with Sant Kirpal Singh.

The Ashram is built

When the Ashram in Delhi was newly built, people of the neighbourhood came to Sant Kirpal Singh and requested Him for help. The locality where the Ashram was situated was a densely built-up area. Whenever it rained, the rainwater could not pass anywhere and went into the houses of everybody. The persons concerned got very tired of that situation and made a request to everybody, but nobody was willing to give way for a drain through his site. They were told to apply to the government instead, a procedure which would have taken many months.

When they found no way out, they ultimately came to Sant Kirpal Singh. He said, "You can make a drain from within the Ashram. Is this all you want? I am ready to give you each drop of my blood if you want, because I have not come into the world for myself, my purpose is only to serve you. I have no attachment with these things, this is all for you. Please tell me, if I can be of any further use to you." So they still remember Sant Kirpal Singh only on this ground, "He was such a good Master, such a high spiritual personality." All love Him from heart.

Whenever people wondered why the Ashram was situated near that canal, Sant Kirpal Singh used to reply, "When you come to me, you may throw all your ill-feelings into it."

Harbhajan Singh



Sant Kirpal Singh

"This is all Yours,
You have to look after many souls."

Hazur Baba Sawan Singh



Dr Harbhajan Singh talks about an incidence happened in the newly built Sawan Ashram

MP3: Sant Kirpal Singh – Talk in Punjabi

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